Our Coffee

We’ve worked for over ten years to develop blends and single origin coffees with as rich a flavor as possible without being perceptively bitter or acidic. You may notice that the roasted beans in our coffee blends are not of a single unified color. As the beans from each source have their own distinct characteristics, we roast them separately. Once the beans reach their optimal roasts, they are combined to create our final blend.

Fourth Wave Single Serve Coffee

We are excited to finally offer Oakland coffee in a fully compostable, single-serve cup. Our Fourth Wave blend combines high-quality arabica beans from organic farms in Peru and Honduras. We developed this blend to have the same smooth, full-bodied characteristics that we love, while fine tuning it to work best in single-serve machines. The blend comes in soft-pods, which contain no plastic. Without a layer of plastic to penetrate, the single-serve pods are able to deliver a delicious, robust cup of coffee every time. 

Atomic Garden Whole Bean Blend

Our Atomic Garden Blend is a tribute to our friends and family at the Atomic Garden store in Oakland. The blend combines organic, Fairly Traded beans from small farms and cooperatives in Honduras and Colombia. The result is a Medium roast with a smooth, full taste.

High Altitude Andean Whole Bean Blend

 While conducting research and blind tastings of organic, fair trade coffees we consistently chose coffee grown at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains. This inspired us to create our High Altitude Andean blend. Within the high Andes, we source
from small farms and cooperatives in Peru and Bolivia that produce beans with both unique and enjoyable qualities. The result is a consistently delicious cup of coffee with smooth chocolate overtones and bold earthy flavors.