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The crowd-favorite, every day staple! Our Atomic Garden Blend is a tribute to our friends and family at the Atomic Garden store in Oakland, co-founded by our own Adrienne Armstrong. We picked the smoothest, most flavorful beans from Honduras and Colombia and blended them to perfection into a medium-dark roast. We roast the Colombian beans to have a creamy, dark chocolate base, while the Honduran beans weave in a light kick of honey. A session coffee through-and-through, Atomic Garden is that close friend that’s always got your back. 

Organic  /  Fairly Traded  /  Compostable Packaging*

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Premium Blend
Columbia & Honduras
Smooth, Full Flavor


Erinn Carter
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I love Oakland Coffee, not just because it's a great cup of coffee, but because it's environmentally friendly and they help support our community right here in the East Bay. 
Ryan Engelson
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I love coffee, I’ve been a barista for 4 years and I gotta say this stuff is really great. Super flavorful with rich undertones but it doesn't have a bitter aftertaste at all.
Skye Reed
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Wow, this coffee is so good! And I love that the pods are compostable, we go through K cups in this house like crazy and we hate it. This is such a better replacement.
Jeff Yokoyama
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A great cup of coffee that helps me get my day going.
Skylar Miller
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I normally don't like dark coffee because it's too bitter but this was perfect! The eco-friendly K-cups are the coolest thing ever!
Z Zoromba
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This coffee slaps! It's so smooth and flavorful, stoked for this to be a new part of my morning routine!
Landon Cloes
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This is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had, It's crazy smooth and no bitter aftertaste at all.
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Katie F.
United States United States
Have to fight off everyone I share this coffee with

I bought some of the Atomic Garden, not sure whether or not I would like it. Well. It is some of the best coffee I have ever tried, has an amazing flavor without the bitterness I usually get from coffee. However, I do have one small problem: Any time I let someone try some of this coffee, they become hooked and I have to fight them off! My co-workers keep trying to steal some of the coffee when i brew it up, my husband comes running when he smells I have made myself a cup, even my kitten tries to steal my coffee! I think it just might be TOO good!!

United States United States
So smooth yet so bold!

Smooth taste that slides right down the throat hole with ease, giving you that happy sensation and provides the energy to get through the Green Day/Longshot/Foxboro Hot Tubs/Network album you decide to listen to for your morning routine. I personally prefer father of all dark roasts, but this one is a close second.

United States United States

There is no going wrong with this coffee. It’s aromatic, delicious, and smooth! All around, a damn good cup of coffee!

United States United States
Damn good coffee

This coffee is great! There’s no bitterness and it’s not acidic at all. Every cup is the best cup!

A Oakland Coffee Customer
Ryan R.
United States United States
Amazing coffee and inspirational business model

The Straight Edge Blend is the best cup of decaf coffee I've ever had (yeah, I know...decaf. But I'm 40 years old and drink it at night so cut me some slack!)! It's incredibly hard to find organic decaf coffee and the price is right at Oakland Coffee. It's also very inspiring the work they're doing to ditch plastic (using no coffee in their single serve pods) and that they went above and beyond to create fully compostable bags for their coffee bags. Oakland Coffee truly does make a damn cup of coffee while also fighting the good fight for the Earth. What more can you ask for?! I love me some Oakland Coffee!