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Is the coffee ground?

We offer Atomic Garden, Father of All Dark Roasts, and West Grand Decaf in pre-ground! Find each of them by clicking here.

How do you decaffeinate your West Grand Decaf Roast?

Our West Grand Decaf roast is decaffeinated with a water process, which does not include the use of nasty chemicals.

How long will my coffee stay fresh before I open the bag? What about after?

Exposure to oxygen is what makes coffee go stale. All of our coffee has the oxygen flushed out of it using nitrogen (the other gas in air). Coffee also gives off gas after roasting. Our fancy compostable one-way valve allows the coffee to off-gas, without allowing oxygen to enter. This is an eco-friendly way to give our coffee up to a year of freshness as long as it remains sealed. Every bag of coffee and box of pods are stamped with a best buy date. Once you open your bag, please enjoy your coffee within one week.

How should I store my coffee?

To maximize the freshness of your coffee, after you open it, place your beans, grounds, or pods into an opaque, airtight container and keep them somewhere cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. You should be good for about a week. Some folks will tell you to refrigerate or freeze your coffee. The problem with refrigeration is that coffee will tend to absorb moisture and pick up flavors from its environment. So unless it’s really hot and/or humid, just cool and dry works best.

Where does the coffee come from?

We searched all over the world for organic coffee that has lots of bold, chocolatey flavors but is as low in acidity and bitterness as possible. What we found is that generally the coffee we loved came from mountainous regions in Central and South America. We only partner with farmers that grow premium arabica, hand-picked, organic beans. Their awesome farms and cooperatives are in: Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Sumatra (not in Central or South America, but goddamn those beans are tasty).

I’ve never tried Oakland Coffee before, what item should I choose?

First of all, welcome!

We’ve put together some special bundles that include a little bit of everything so you can find your perfect roast. Click here to view our mix bundles..

If you’re only trying one, well, everybody loves Atomic Garden.


What does certified compostable mean? What do I do with my bags and pods when I’m done with them?

Our 12 oz bags, single-serve pods, and pod outer bags are all certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute. That means that they have all passed rigorous, third-party testing that confirms that the packaging will biodegrade in 90 days or less in a municipal composting facility. When you are done with your bags or pods, please dispose of them in your municipal compost bin--the one you put your food scraps or lawn clippings in. These may not be available in your area. For more information, please visit BPIworld.org.

Why do your pods look different than conventional K-cup pods?

We’ve done away with the little plastic cup to bring you 100% compostable pods! Without a layer of plastic around the coffee grounds, our pods give you the convenience of a single-serve machine, while brewing in a way more similar to a pour-over or french press. This means a fuller extraction and richer flavor. Brewing coffee in a plastic cup did not sound like an appetizing idea to us!

Is the coffee certified organic?

All of our coffee is certified USDA Organic by CCOF. For more information on Certified Organic standards, please visit CCOF.org.


How do I subscribe to the Oakland Coffee Club?

Joining is easy! Learn more about and subscribe to the Oakland Coffee Club here.

Can I skip, pause, or cancel a subscription shipment?

You can edit your subscription schedule at any time by logging into your account here and clicking “manage subscriptions”. You can edit the settings on your entire subscription, or just on individual items to craft your perfect subscription.

Can I change the delivery date of my subscription order?

You can change your estimated ship date at any time. Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping and handling.

I’m already a subscriber but I want to try a new coffee, how can I change my order?

Swap out your subscription roast at any time on your “manage subscriptions” page, in your profile. You can also add more coffee or merch onto your order at any time. Just choose “add product” and create your new perfect subscription bundle.

What are the benefits of joining OCW Rewards?

Signing up with your email address gets you instant access to the Oakland Coffee Rewards program. It’s free to join and you’ll be on your way to free stuff! Click here to check out all of the perks by level.

How do I update my subscription account info (email address,credit card, billing/shipping address, etc.)?

All of your subscription info can be found in the “manage subscriptions” page under your account. You can change or update your details at any time. Click here to login.

If you didn't create an account when you subscribed, no problem! Click here to register and you'll be able to manage your subscription.

It says that my email is not connected to an account. How do I access my subscription?

If you checked out as a guest, or did not create a password during check out, please email info@oaklandcoffee.com. We'll help you gain access to your account!

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Did Green Day really found Oakland Coffee?

Ya, we get that one a lot. Yup they founded it. Here’s the story.

How can I sell Oakland Coffee in my store/cafe?

For all wholesale inquiries, please contact us at sales@oaklandcoffee.com