Welcome to Punk Bunny Coffee

What to expect from Green Day's new coffee company:
High-quality coffee, familiar delicious blends, and epic surprises from your favorite Bunny and God's favorite band.
Our goal is to make this transition extra-smooth. We've covered some of the basics here. Still have questions? Click here to get in touch.

Roast Line-Up

Punk Bunny Coffee will continue to offer some of our fan favorite roasts: Father of All Dark Roasts, Last Ride In, and Soundcheck Blend. We are also excited to announce a BRAND NEW BLEND: Light Club. Yes, you read that right. We’ve got a light roast coming your way!

Launch Timing

The first PBC bags will be hot off the roaster this March! Stay tuned for preorder info to be first in line.

Atomic Garden and Cerro De Oro

We know it’s tough to move on from a love lost. We want to get you set-up with something you’re going to love just as much. If you’re currently subscribed to Atomic Garden and/or Cerro De Oro, you will be automatically swapped to Soundcheck Blend. Soundcheck is our signature, medium-dark roast that is perfect for all day brewing. Want something different? Just let us know! We’re here to make your PBC subscription exactly how you want it.

Subscription Transition Timing

When Punk Bunny launches in March 2024, your subscription will automatically switch over. Until then, you will continue to receive your Oakland Coffee subscription as usual. We will be sending out plenty of email reminders as we approach the change, so you’ll be in the loop every step of the way.

Managing Subscriptions

Your subscription information will automatically transition to Punk Bunny Coffee. If you would like to substitute your bag for a different roast, or cancel your subscription, you can do so in your existing subscription portal or e-mail us at YourFriends@PunkBunnyCoffee.com and we can help make the change.

Trying Out Roasts

If you’d like to try Punk Bunny Coffee before swapping your subscription over, you can place a temporary pause on your subscription shipments starting in March. Make sure you’re signed up for emails and texts, so you can early access to discounts! Once you find your soulmate roast, you can always pick up your subscription right where you left off.