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West Grand Decaf Single-Serve Cups

West Grand Decaf Single-Serve Cups

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A Love Note to Our Roots. Oakland Coffee is rooted in West Oakland, right off of West Grand Avenue. As we continue to grow the Oakland Coffee community, we will always pay tribute to the place we've been thankful to call home for decades.  

West Grand is a decaf blend that is anything but ordinary. We worked hard to create a decaf roast full of flavor that packs a punch like full-octane roasts, without the caffeine kick. The blend combines organic beans from Honduras and Nicaragua.

We customized this blend for optimum brewing in our revolutionary certified compostable pod. Whether you're drinking decaf all day, or just for a smooth night, West Grand has got your back. Because everyone deserves the best damn cup of coffee. 

Origins: Honduras and Nicaragua
Tasting notes: robust, velvet finish, decaf


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