1 in 8 American households has a single-serve coffee brewer, and in 2014 nearly 12 billion single-serve plastic coffee cups were sold. Lined up, the single serve coffee pods thrown away each year would be enough to circle the Earth more than 10 times. These pods and other single-use plastics can take centuries to degrade in landfills — that’s if they don’t end up in oceans or sewers first.


But it isn’t hopeless.

The difference between compostable and trash

That’s why Oakland Coffee pods are made out of 100% compostable, plant-based materials rather than petroleum-based plastics, allowing you to bypass the global trash stream and dispose of your Oakland Coffee products in your municipal compost bin. Within 90 days it will become rich organic compost that can be used to nourish plants, completing a natural recycling of nutrients back into the Earth that we feel is vital to a sustainable future for our planet.


Choosing compostables shows a commitment to leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. You’re sending the message that all single-use packaging can and should be made from renewable materials. You are joining the revolution and triggering a change for good in your community and beyond.

Kate and Oliver showing what OCW pods turn into!

Please dispose of Oakland Coffee pods in your municipal green waste bin where available. Materials used in our pods are Certified Compostable in a commercial composting facility. It is not certified for home composting. Municipal services may not be available in your area.